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Daniel Ahmadizadeh's website. Brooklyn-based startup founder and teacher.

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  • Daniel Ahmadizadeh
  • Startup founder and teacher
  • Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I’m Daniel - I’m a former YC founder, now helping startups at risk of shutting down find a way to change their company’s trajectory instead. I also teach entrepreneurship at Columbia University and Stanford University.

I have helped lead three companies to over a million in annual recurring revenue, and my work has been recognized in major publications like WSJ, The Today Show, and NPR. I’m lucky to have been invited to speak on startups at Harvard, Princeton, and TED.

My framework, Start With One, focuses on solving a problem first for one person, as one person can be the microcosm of an entire market. It shifts entrepreneurship from idea-led to problem-led, transforming theoretical personas into actual human beings. Start With One helps founders move from the brink of shutdown to product-market fit.

As one example, I worked with Patrick, Krokit’s CEO, to change their trajectory from near-shutdown to a whole new business, increasing revenue per customer by 17x and expanding their TAM by millions. See more testimonials from Patrick and others here.

When I’m not working on startups, I love running and spending time with my family. Here are some of my values and a preview of the book I’ll publish next year. Feel free to add comments to it directly!