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Daniel Ahmadizadeh's website. Brooklyn-based startup founder and teacher.

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  • Daniel Ahmadizadeh
  • Startup founder and teacher
  • Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I’m Daniel — a New York-based startup founder and teacher. I enjoy solving problems through building projects and helping others reach their potential.

I am an instructor at Columbia University and Stanford University where I teach entrepreneurship and innovation. I have been the CEO of two Y Combinator backed startups and am currently investing and consulting in other YC backed organizations.

When I’m not working with startups, teaching, or getting my EMBA at Columbia, I enjoy running and spending time with family. You can learn more about the different roles in my life and values to get to know me more. Here are some testimonials from students and clients. In February 2024, I started writing the first pages of a book I intend on publishing in 2025. Please feel free to leave feedback directly onto the document that I am updating in real-time.