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Daniel Ahmadizadeh's website. Brooklyn-based startup founder and teacher.

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  • Daniel Ahmadizadeh
  • Startup founder and teacher
  • Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I’m Daniel — I was the CEO of two Y Combinator-backed startups and now work with startup founders at risk of shutting down their companies to change their trajectory. Additionally, I teach entrepreneurship at Columbia University and Stanford University.

My framework, “Start With One,” focuses on solving a problem first for one person. One human being can be the microcosm of the entire market.

My life's work is to change the way entrepreneurship is taught. From idea-led to problem-led, from theoretical personas to actual human beings, “Start With One”-led entrepreneurship is a new way of thinking about venture creation.

Through this work, students solve a problem for at least one person in a matter of weeks, and founders go from the brink of shutting down to completely changing their trajectory. Case studies and testimonials can be found here

When I’m not working on startups, I enjoy running and spending time with my family. Here are some of my values and a preview of the book I’ll publish next year. Feel free to add comments to it directly!